Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e04 – HD 1080

New screenshots and clip with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones (2016) s06e04. Hot mother of dragons! Emilia Clarke is an English actress. Age: 29 (1 May 1987).


Emilia Clarke Nude 4

Emilia Clarke Nude 1

Emilia Clarke Nude 2 Emilia Clarke Nude 3 Emilia Clarke Nude 5 Emilia Clarke Nude 6

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29 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e04 – HD 1080

    1. Dude

      She uses a body double now for any and all nude scenes, So that isn’t her ass and tits, Although back when we saw her ass and tits, I’d agree, She is a very beautiful woman.

  1. Lee

    It’s not her only a body double

    It’s in her contact that she does not have to be nude in game of thrones any more

      1. No

        I’m not saying one way or another but it does seem sus that she felt the need to say “it’s totally me guys, don’t think about why I look different my tits have aged a lot in 3 years”.

        Also remember that last year Lena Headey was trying to pretend that she did the walk of shame herself talking about how embarrassing and distressing it was filming it making no mention of body doubles. Until the producers realised nobody was falling for it and released the name of the body double a week or so later.

        1. LordSnow

          Lena and her body double maded the walk of shame. They used a body double on her ’cause she was pregnant to that time.

        1. yup

          You don’t know shit. She was actually naked but the fire and shit makes her look different. It’s still her and she was legit naked. no CGI. Fucking retards.

    1. wayne

      It is not a body double.
      a) Emilia herself never said that she won’t do nudes again. Just not meaningless nudes. It’s not in her contract that she won’t do any nudes.
      b) Emilia herself stated that it is no double but herself.
      c) If you compare the breasts to her old nudes they are exactly the same. Every quarter inch of the nips. Everything.

  2. Charlie Sheen

    She also said that she would if it was necessary. If its nudity for the sake of nudity then she wouldnt. Thats all her, not the double

  3. Charlie Sheen

    She also said that she would if it was necessary. If its nudity for the sake of nudity then she wouldnt. Thats all her, not the double.

  4. Anon Y Mous

    I found Emilia much more attractive in GQ than on the show.Maybe its the blond hair color she uses in Game of Thrones, and maybe its that she looks more fit in GQ.

  5. bobofromyellowstone

    This is that weird in between kind of thing. It’s cg but it’s also her. they cg’d her actual naked body over her for this scene so she wasn’t naked while they filmed with all these people.

  6. GoTguy

    The no nudity clause was never a thing. It was the girl who played Robison wife talking about the girl who played Ros, but the story gained traction and people believed it.

  7. Film flam jenkins

    If her word isn’t good enough, do what I did; get a picture of her naked stomach up from her bath scene (facing the camera of course) then compare the tits between that picture and featured pictures 2 or 3. Size, areola, and even the shape of the tits themselves. If you honestly believe they’re not exact, you may want to get your eyes checked.

    1. JonSnow

      Your the actual moron . It is emilia if you are to blind to see taht these titts are hers than you are stupid . And she also said she will do nude scenes if they are needed for the plot

  8. Boob

    Not a body double. She stated that she filmed the nude scene herself. The reason why the scene looks weird? They composited the scene from 2 different shots, one without clothes with a skeleton crew, and then the other one with clothes when she was in front of everyone.

  9. chris

    its Emilia herself,she stated she will only do nude scenes if it’s necessary,she didn’t say she will go never go nude on game of thrones again,you guys are changing her words
    it emilia, just compare the tits to when her brother viserys was touching them in season 1,the tits are Emilia’s
    As for Lena heady,her walk of shame was a body double,she even stated it

  10. Gabriel

    It is her!!!! Damn it , if u have any doubts if it is her just compare the others nude she made , its the same tits w the right one beeing slightly down compare to the left one also w the nipple a little larger too , so delicious and hot i fucking love her

  11. Fez Ferrari

    It’s not a body double or cgi. She already said that it is her 100% and that her no nudity contract clause is from a couple of seasons ago(which is no longer in effect).

  12. asking

    i stopped watching game of throne long time ago because she stopped taking off her clothes. I think i might watch it again


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