Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e03 – HDTV 1080p

New screenshots and clip with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones (2016) s06e03. Where is her nipples?! 🙁 Emilia Clarke is an English actress. Age: 29 (1 May 1987).


Emilia Clarke Nude 1

Emilia Clarke Nude 2 Emilia Clarke Nude 3 Emilia Clarke Nude 4

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11 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e03 – HDTV 1080p

  1. No

    Suck in that gut Emilia.

    Nah I’d say it’s likely a body double. Gonna be a coward about nudity she may as well go all the way.

    1. ElBalrog

      Not likely, it’s CERTAIN. She told some magazine that she wouldn’t do any more nude scenes, as she wanted to be recognized for her talent not her looks.

      1. Rodney Davis

        She may have said that in some magazine article, but it’s really because of her mother’s wishes. Believe it or not, she still listens and obeys her mum!

    2. pboi

      really???!!!???…r u saying she’s fat? is this ur idea of fat? ur either a stupid asshole or ur just a fucking, fat ass, douchebag. no wonder ur alone and will stay alone until u die alone. fucking dumb asshole

      1. No

        Can always count on you for the white knighting hysteria on a celeb wank blog pboi you sad little faggot.

        I didn’t say she was fat I said she’s gotta suck in her gut. Look at a comparison between what she looked like in season 1 and what she looks like this year. She’s clearly gained weight. This is at a point where her character is supposed to have been wandering around the desert and she’s actually gained weight.

        Actually just for laughs check out Terminator Genysis. That’s a movie where she’s playing a warrior woman who’s supposed to have been training for battle since childhood.

        Yet bitch has a double chin and underarm flab that wobbles whenever she fires a gun. She did absolutely no noticeable prep for the role at all.

        Go fight for the honour of women elsewhere dipshit because you’re getting nothing from me. Especially where this lazy bitch is concerned.

  2. Riccy Diangilo

    There are a few of the cast that have let themselves go, also thinking they are too big to do nude scenes. I think the body doubles should now be cast, as they will do what the character is meant to do. Such a shame as this has to be one of the top shows around. Get rid of the so called “Big Stars” and bring in new characters. I think Lena Headey had a body double in “The 100”. If you’re NOT going to play the part right let a proper actress do it.


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