Elizabeth Elam Naked (5 Photos)

Here are nude photos of Elizabeth Elam by Tony Kelly for “Taken!” book (2016). Elizabeth Elam is a model from Belgium. Currently Residing In: USA. Height – 167 cm.


16 thoughts on “Elizabeth Elam Naked (5 Photos)

  1. Virgins, Virgins Everywhere

    Perfect body and pussy? Lmfao what a fucking joke! Ugly ass bitch with horrible fake tits, a deformed pussy, and looks worse than most animated video game characters. You pathetic little boys would think that a Barbie Doll has the perfect pussy and body because all of you are that damn desperate and have never been laid before in your worthless lives.

      1. Very Strong

        You can almost hear his labored obese breathing while he’s types with one hand and shoves the other hand full of Doritos into his acne ridden face.

  2. Matias

    Really? A Lockheed TriStar? Couldn’t they at least get her a plane that was in service? Those things have been out of commercial service for years!
    It’s honestly kinda stupid for them to shoot in one of those

    1. Joyce DeWitt

      here, i’ll help you out…

      That is EXACTLY why they are doing it.

      It’s honestly kinda stupid for someone to not realize this.

  3. Doug

    Shes like; I’m the queen of this abandoned defunct plane, ye shall bow before me if ye want to enter my domain and enjoy this pristine pussy


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