Elisabeth Harnois Ass (2 Photos)

New paparazzi photos of Elisabeth Harnois in bikini at a beach in Maui 05/27/15. Fatty! Elisabeth Harnois is an American actress. Age: 36




10 thoughts on “Elisabeth Harnois Ass (2 Photos)

    1. Joe

      I find it funny you call her a whale. I would bet you are over weight and still looking for the little guy so you can wank off to the pics.

      1. LukeOzvik

        Correct Joe – those that call girls like this ‘whale’, or ‘fatty’ as in the original intro to her, are in for a massive disappointment when they finally get with an actual human being.

    2. Frank Lee

      Unknown? I guess you didn’t watch Point Pleasant. She was a goddess on there. Would love to see her turn around even if she is a little past her prime.

  1. Jay Bones

    Still looks good to me! I’d hit it repeatedly, at least she’s more like a regular woman. All those Hollywood actresses and super models are too skinny. Too many sharp corners, I’d be all bruised up after banging them.

  2. Tdatb

    She just had a kid, folks. Not many women go straight from pregnant to bikini-body, (and no, the Kardashian with the 3-axe-handle-ass ain’t one of ’em!).

  3. MDE427

    Jesus … she’s a ‘fatty’? Seriously? Are you into fucking boy figured girls?! I have seen similar comments from euro-trashy ass clowns in other forums of very attractive woman with knock-out bodies! They comment how fat american girls are (best part is most in these photos are European – but hey, who cares if shit makes sense) in the pictures and these women are 18 to 24 year old knockouts with perfect c to d tits, a perfect round, fit ass, and they probably weigh 90 to 110 lbs max on the tallest of the girls! I see comments like ‘lets see this fat American (again, not even American but who cares about facts!) girl run a 10K – bet she can’t’ or ‘Typical American (sigh – yes, again not an American girl) girl eating her way to forever fatness. Glad we have ‘hot’ women here (which I assume is UK/France/Italy/Denmark etc)’. It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so telling of how stupid and smug so many of these idiots are. I mean, many of these girls in the picture sets are KNOWN porn stars from Romania or Yugoslavia or some eastern European country. I assume they are teenage idiots who have no clue what a real hot woman even looks like …. or they’re gay and just haven’t figured it out yet. Give it time ….

    Now this girl here does have a ‘fatter’ ass than the hot skinny models I am referring to, but even THIS girl is no ‘fatty’. I know that a.) I wouldn’t kick her out of bed and b.) those calling her a fatty wouldn’t know what to do with ANY girl, let alone a hot one like her.


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