Dove Cameron Naked (3 Photos)

Leaked nude photos of Dove Cameron. Sweet tits! Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. Age 19.


Dove Cameron Naked 001

Dove Cameron Naked 002

Dove Cameron Naked 003

30 thoughts on “Dove Cameron Naked (3 Photos)

  1. CK

    I do believe that’s her. You can tell by her full bottom lip, and that locket around her neck, she seems to wear just about all the time. Google her pictures, and you’ll see.

    1. Love The Fappening

      That locket is added into the pic. Not a full chain past left side of pic/hair.besides the lighting is off.

  2. Eli

    I think it is her on the first photo too … and I think the photos are flipped too, you can see her locklet, which is something she regularly wears in her photos on IG or at public events, also the ring, I have seen her wear it on her right hand, whereas here, it looks like it’s on her left hand, but to prove the photos are flipped is this; you can see her moles on the right arm (the side she’s wearing her ring on) , which is something you can clearly see here :

    second photo; still not sure, but if it is, I think the photo may have been flipped too, but I have not seen a photo where her moles are showing, however I saw a stillcap from an episode of ‘Shameless’ (I never watch the show) where she’s in her panties and you can see a little tattoo on her hip, which can be seen on the second photo ………. link :

    but for the third photo, I’m not sure, doesn’t really look like her, the face looks like Olivia Holt to me, tho, but I doubt it’s Olivia

    1. Arne

      The second photo is fake because she hasn’t any tattoos, she says that in an interview and ‘Shameless’ was recorded before this interview:

  3. Luke Ozvik

    These photos were put up with the original Fappening stuff, then taken down once it was apparent that it wasn’t her… And now have been put up again because it appears you’ve run out of new material. Love the fact that there’s a one-stop-shop for all our new (and old) celebrity nudes – but there’s no need for claiming false ones when we have so much of the real shit.

  4. Poop

    First 2 are her third is not… The second one you can’t see her but boobs match the first pic and first pic is her cuz of lockette and bottom lip… And you know what they say “no 2 boobs are the same”. BTW she hawt

    1. lakawak

      Yeah…because it is SO hard to add a locket (badly) into a picture! And apparently it is one of those lockets where the chain stops at the hair.

  5. lakawak

    Why bother adding the third one that so OBVIOUSLY refutes the first two? Especially when all three are bullshit?

  6. Jmoney

    I didn’t believe it but yes the first two are her. The second one is for sure. All her moles match. There are two in the center of her boobs. The right boob has one a little higher then the left mole. Check Google images she does have these moles. Also the tattoo barely showing on her hip. She has that too.

  7. DOS

    The third one looks like Brec Bassinger.
    No idea if it’s real or fake. But she’s probably underage in most jurisdictions, either way.


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