9 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Underboob (2 Pics)

  1. Severin

    She’s actually shown us her asshole before (lovely and clearly visible in a professional shoot she did if you zoom in), so she’s gone further than many of her celeb contemporaries. Now it’s time for her to take her “body positivity” campaign to the next level. Explicit sex, maybe real cunnilingus from another woman. She’s reverted back to tease mode for long enough.

    1. Mr Ray

      What a rubbish comment which doesn’t make sense obviously she never ever showed such a thing as you described… By the way you showed you have such an deviated point of view because of excess pornography. If you really wanna see such things check other website my dude… and the most important thing is next time before write your opinion first you should have learn to respect her not only cause of a beautiful humble super star she is but actually just because there is a lady have a nice day.


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