26 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Selfies (2 Photos + Video)

    1. Andaa

      You would give up after 1 minute of jerk off and please don’t share children things with no sense spread lies as other children, damn it. Definitely you’ll understand this one day.

    1. Jesse

      Jesus you’re like a fuckin broken record.give it a rest already. Every fuckin post you say where’s her nationality where’s her age.. Google it Muthafucka!!

    1. Andea

      Oh child, please don’t show anymore how macho man imagine you could be.
      And also, even a model girl would never like a man with a such a child wrong talking attitude as you showed. You all will understand this one day.

  1. Observer

    She’s 25 and already blowing up, that’s why you never marry Mexican women. She’ll be a bloated whale in a few years.

  2. andea

    And people I thought at this new year you will stop telling fancies and meaningless lies that make no sense, and you will realize it’s better to think at your own business than anybody business.

  3. demis ass is my higher power

    Id bust a gallon of gizz in her butthole her ass is just si beautiful. Is it fake? Cuz i dunno how it all of a sudden got perfect. She is fukin blessed. I heard shes a straight up sex feeme .

  4. jacks

    What you children seems missed above these infantile and stupid comments is first learning how to express appreciation to a person with humble words, being yourself, not trying to sound as other youngers which don’t know how to express appreciation to a person being a straight human.Damn, grow process waiting for you guys, maybe one day.


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