20 thoughts on “Demi Lovato & Kehlani Getting Intimate on Stage (18 Pics + Gifs & Video)

    1. Mr. Monopoly

      Kehlani a moo? Google her then realize that you are a true retard doing nothing with your life.

  1. WTF

    Wow who knew she was so thick? I just goes to show how fake and photoshopped those professionally released pictures of her are. And women complain that men objectify them; they objectify themselves. Look at all of her fat disgusting repugnant fans in pic #5. Every single one of those obese monstrosities needs to be ashamed to be out in public. If they have money to waste on her concert then surely they can afford a healthy meal diet plan to help them lose the blubber. But alas, they’re strong, independent, empowered women who will not be fat shamed and embrace their overweight bodies. Spot a single one of those fucking tools that ISN’T holding a cell phone either.

  2. Firedrake

    Kehlani Tsunami? Seriously? Would they please fuck off with the stupid names already? And Demi needs to change her name to One and demi because she is now the size of a person and a half. Time to lay off the fast food.

  3. Kaptain Klubb

    im normally the kaptain of women getting it on but, really, what sort of shit is this to show a bunch of kids on how to behave in public.


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