Debby Ryan Cleavage (3 Photos)

New screenshots from YouTube comedy “Sing It!” (2016) ep. 1 with Debby Ryan. Hot girl! Debby Ryan is an American actress, singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Age: 22 (May 13, 1993).


Debby Ryan Cleavage 1

Debby Ryan Cleavage 2 Debby Ryan Cleavage 3

13 thoughts on “Debby Ryan Cleavage (3 Photos)

  1. SoKo

    Looks like she’s on the road to being a chunky monkey.

    No not hot.

    Try not looking like a $10 coke-whore.

    And loose the blond, it does nothing for you.

    1. pboi

      this must b bandit’s new ‘name’…

      unfortunately for us, same bullshit, same hate, same douchebag

  2. No

    Holy shit she actually ISNT a dwarf!?

    I had to check. She’s the most overgrown dwarf looking celeb I’ve seen since Kevin Weisman or adult Haley Joel Osment

  3. Shawn

    These are bad pics of her, taken from frames of a video. Its going to make her look weird. If you see regular photos of her, she is actually pretty skinny, and in the 5’6″ range. She use to have a slightly more curvy figure a few years ago before she went vegan and got skinnier. Still hot, but not as well defined curves as she use to have. Except up top. She has a nice pair going on for sure!


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