Danica Patrick Naked (3 Photos)

Danica Patrick old leaked photos. Danica Patrick is an American auto racing driver.

Danica Patrick Naked 001

Danica Patrick Naked 002

Danica Patrick Naked 003

65 thoughts on “Danica Patrick Naked (3 Photos)

  1. dookie

    You guys obviously aren’t American. She’s a NASCAR driver. She gets popularity because she’s the first and only female in the circuit. She’s also on a couple GoDaddy(dot)com commercials.

    1. BigBossMan

      Danica is NOT the first female in NASCAR nor is she the only female in NASCAR. While she may be the only female in the Sprint Cup Series (Top Division), there are other female drivers in the Nationwide/Camping World Truck series. Also, there have been quite a few female racers before her in the now Sprint Cup series. She got her popularity in Indycar and being the first woman to lead a lap at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500. She won a race in the Indy series as well. Otherwise, it is for being a semi-talented female in a male dominated sport.

      1. Brian

        nice bossman, obviously the guy who posted that about Danica being the first and only woman in NASCAR is a total fucking idiot, who just wanted to act like he knew what the fuck he was talking about. Imagine that, someone posting something to the net that’s total bullshit, and nowhere near that truth.
        Danica is so fucking hot. Would love to nut all over that ass

    2. Ben

      Could you serious be any more wrong.
      First of all she is not a Nascar driver she is an Indy driver.
      Secondly she was neither the first nor the only women on the circuit.
      She made her debut in 2005 and there were women drivers in the 90s.
      There have been up to 4 women driving at one time.

      She is popular because she is hot and is the only women to get close to winning.

      1. JR

        She WAS and Indy driver but she’s been in NASCAR for years as she drives for Stewart-Haas and I don’t even watch NASCAR. Her face is plastered all over ESPN.com and you’d have to have lived under a rock to not know who she is. She does have her moments like in the GoDaddy commercials and the ESPY’s. Nice nipple but sadly that is all we got.

      2. TDOG

        She is a NASCAR driver, she left Indy Cars several years ago for NASCAR. She is also the first FULL TIME female driver in NASCAR. I actually think only one or two other women have even qualified for a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

      3. kevin

        Google.com Ben. Look in to it. Also, Manning plays for the Bronco’s now, Shaq is retired and Barry Bonds has left baseball. Just to get you caught up.

    3. Brian

      Dookie, you are obviously a fucking idiot. Try doing some research before posting comments that make you look even stupider than you obviously are.

  2. Captain Leroy Hotdog Zanzibar

    I am American. I am not from the south though, which is why I don’t recognize a NASCAR driver. We have real sports there like football, baseball, basketball where actual physical activity takes place. If a 500 lb trucker can perform at the same level as your “athlete” it it is not a sport.

    1. jordoon

      To be fair, when is the last time you saw a 500lb Nascar driver? There are a lot of sports that don’t all take certain physicality. No need to be ignorant and hateful, why do people feel the need to use the internet to relieve stress?

    2. really

      I don’t watch NASCAR but know who Danica Patrick is. You have to be either dumb or living under a rock if you have no clue who she is. Watch some ESPN and turn in your man card you sally.

    3. Dick Woodhead

      Leroy You may not see the physical strain on race car drivers but they are traveling at incredible speeds. The G force they put their body through is immense. They need to be at their physical peak to compete. You try and travel at 150mph+ for two hours plus in temperatures up to 120 degrees whilst trying to avoid 20 other cars and a concrete barrier. Football & Basketball is physically demanding but majority of baseball players run 90 feet and even at that they hit the ball 3/4 out of ten times so might run once in a game. Need to be fitter than LeBron for that alright!!

      1. Wood Dickhead

        First of all, lets not forget that we get to see Danica’s tit. Which is awesome. Also, I totally agree with you saying NASCAR is a legitimate sport. Because, well… science. You obviously have to be physically fit, and weigh a certain amount, to stand the G force while driving a car at roughly 180mph for several hours at a time. However, saying that Baseball isn’t a sport makes you sound just as ignorant as Captain Leroy. Do you really think that Jeff Gordon could perceive a small white ball darting towards him at around 90mph and be able to hit it with a wooden bat, followed by sprinting to a base within 5-6 seconds? Jeff Gordon couldn’t play Baseball, and Ken Griffey Jr. couldn’t race in NASCAR. It’ doesn’t mean that either isn’t a sport that requires immense physical fitness and a lot of training.

    4. Jon

      Wow you are a retard!!!! A 500 pound truck or couldn’t even fit inside of a NASCAR car. Do you have any idea how good of shape you need to be in to drive 6 straight hours, traveling at 180 mph, 3 inches from the car in front of you, on turns so steep you can’t even walk up them!! And I’m not even a NASCAR fan. You call baseball a sport haha. You have guys like David ortiz and prince fielder who are your 500 lb truckers. You have 8 guys literally standing in one spot with the 9th guy TRYING to throw a strike. I guarantee you have never sat and watched A full regular-season game on TV. Because it’s not a sport

    5. Poo Manchu

      You’re American yet you don’t know Danica Patrick? Oh you’re a dumb American, I got it now. If you state that you are a football fan, then why have you not seen her GoDaddy commercials during the Superbowl?

      Have you ever tried racing a car much less a Nascar type of car? Did you know that those cars are so powerful that your constantly sliding as you race at 200mph? Try controlling a spin out for 4 hours while other cars are bumping into you. I never had respect for Nascar till I learned this.

      Pls be more informed before you start putting people down. BTW, Nascar is raced in Sonoma, CA just 50 miles away from San Francisco which last I checked, was pretty metropolitan city.

    6. Not an idiot

      Your an American twat! The south has the best football in the country! How about the Tarheels or Duke maybe Kentucky basketball! You come off as a Northern ass wipe! Just because you’re from up North doesn’t make you better. I lived in Boston, guess what; it sucks. Give me Carolina anyday! So, you sir can fuck straight off.

    7. Not an idiot

      Your northern American twat! The south has the best sports in the country! How about Tarheel, Duke, and even Kentucky basketball! You come off as a Northern ass wipe! Just because you’re from up North doesn’t make you better. I lived in Boston, and guess what; it sucks. Give me Carolina anyday! So, you sir can fuck straight off it’s your stupid blue states fault that America is falling apart! Elect hope and change again! Geeze man! You fucktards elected that phoney twice! How’s that working out for you now!? You fucking idiots. Learn about the topic before you post next time, you dumbfuck!

    8. eq

      The south has football the sec wins the national championship every year. I’m not even a Nascar fan and I know they don’t have power steering in those cars. I bet you can’t hold those turns at those speeds with or without it. Next time you might try to be more intelligent when you put down the south since we’re a bunch of dumb hillbillies it shouldn’t be to hard to do

    9. Lt. Dan

      Capt Leroy, I am not a very big nascar fan myself but contrary to all belief its extremely physical demanding not to mention driving a car into a corner going close to 200mph takes just a little bit of skill and of course balls or in Danicas case guts. Also, you might want to do some research and see where nascar (racing in general) derived from, you might be surprised! Hint: It took place lets say between 1913 and 1933 and involved a guy named Al Capone who lived in New York City. Sincerely, Lt. Dan

      1. James

        You think that racing in general was spawned during prohibition? It is entirely possible that you have made the most ignorant statement in the history of the internet. Stock car racing became popular during prohibition because of bootleggers making their own modifications to increase speed and acceleration, so yes one particular kind of car racing may have came from the period you are referring to, but to think that racing in general didn’t spawn until the 20th century is literally the absolute most stupid thing I have ever heard. People have quite literally been racing in different ways since the begging of human history.

      2. mitch

        Wait a minute Lt Dan where did you say al capone was from. you should look again Al Capone was from the southside of chicago. where have ou been i think everyone knows that besides you

    10. Brian

      Your broad brush strokes of your comparison of what constitutes an athlete and a sport makes you look like a total moron. John Daly is completely out of shape, and smokes on tour, but has won at the highest level of the PGA Tour. By your moronic assessments and your bigoted thought process then obviously golf is not a sport, nor are golfers athletes. You really made yourself look stupid by posting this comment. Racers can lose up to 15 lbs. of water weight during a 500 mile race, and put their bodies through tremendous amounts of G-force in those cars. Not to mention the amount of intelligence it takes to compete at the level of NASCAR Sprint Cup, or any level of racing for that matter. Do yourself a favor and think before you post your moronic thoughts.

  3. TheSaintOfPain

    Leroy Hotdog Zanzibar
    Next time you comment on something, you should actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. Driving a vehicle at between 150-200 mph is a lot harder than your ignorant, retarded ass obviously thinks. Not only are there things like mechanical knowledge and driving nuances you have to worry about, it takes one hell of a physical toll on your body and you have to be very physically fit to withstand that toll it takes. So, go fuck yourself, you worthless cocksucker.

  4. captain go fuk yourself

    Your an idiot, I’m from the south and we like our football and baseball just as much as the rest of the country. Only our southern team athletes don’t beat the shit out of women. Maybe that’s a northern thing.

  5. t

    You’re an idiot Leroy. Nascar is everywhere in america. And last time I checked the south has one almost all the last NCAA basketball tournaments, college baseball, football, and NBA titles. So shut the fuck up

      1. warren

        fairly certain everyone on this site has a problem. just saying she’s NOT hot. So many more women out there that have a real woman’s figure with curves and adult sized breasts.

  6. ViccyQ

    Fuck all of you. This woman is gorgeous. Nudes or not. I’m glad there are no nudes leaked of her on the net. She gets to keep her privacy and her sexual mystery.

  7. Scooby

    Women have raced in NASCAR ever since Sara Christian raced in the very first “Strictly Stock” race in 1949 at Charlotte. She finished 14th in a field of 33. Two more ladies joined her to race the 2nd event that year (Daytona) with Ethel Mobley finishing 11th out of 28 drivers. No women raced at the Cup level when Janet Guthrie finished 15th in the World 600 (ahead of some guy named Dale Earnhardt). The following year she finished 12th in the Daytona 500 after her engine blew up. So, as far as I know she’s the first woman to race both circuits, and in reverse order of Danica.

    Patrick & Guthrie are tied for the highest finish for a female in a Sprint Cup race. Patrick did it at Atlanta this year. Guthries 6th place finish was, of all places, the ‘Fastest Half-Mile’, Bristol in 1977. Both Patrick & Guthrie have similar stats in that Guthrie had 5 Top 10 finishes but no poles. Danica has 4 Top 10’s and 1 pole. The biggest difference is Guthrie only ran 33 NASCAR races over 4 years. Danica has run 82 NASCAR races over 3 years.

    Guthrie’s stats at the Indy/CART/USAC level overall weren’t real impressive. She ran in about a dozen races over 5-6 seasons. One season she didn’t try to qualify for Indy, some drivers said she wouldn’t have qualified due to her gender. That pissed off AJ Foyt & he had he let her drive a mock qualifying/practice run in his backup car. Her time would have qualified her for 9th. The only reason she didn’t try to qualify was because of lack of sponsorship funding. Danica ran 115 Indy races & had 7 podiums, 3 poles & 1 win.

    Danica is the most successful & longest continually running female in NASCAR but she’s definitely NOT the first female to be competitive. Shawna Robinson, Sara Fisher & even drag racer Ashley Force are just a few women who have competed successfully in motorsports in recent years.

    C’mon guys let go of some of that testosterone. Given the opportunity & funding, women can compete on any level. As for the comment about a 500 lb. driver….how many of you have ever seen a NASCAR driver up close? Many, if not most, are quite small in stature. That along with the aforementioned G-forces, the heat, endurance, etc. makes them quite formidable.

  8. Jerry

    A sothern sport, Matt Kenseth is southern Wisconsin. Temp at Daytona duels tonight 37, temp in “southern Wisconsin” to night -6, darn cold to race NASCAR

  9. Hillbilly Dave

    Focus, assholes!! Do any of you even remember WHAT you are supposed to be commenting about in regards to Danica and this website? She is good looking, she IS trim, and she works hard at her craft – with some success. Breast-wise…let it go. Oh, by the way, NASCAR really, really sucks!!!!!! Indy Car ain’t far behind.

  10. cody

    i think she is beautiful and i wish we could see more pictures the one in the yellow shorts kills me i love it

  11. Raymond Guinn

    2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series, 43rd place
    NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, 45th place
    2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series, 26th place
    2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series, 10th place
    NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, 62nd place
    2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, 27th place
    NASCAR Nationwide Series, 128th place
    2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, 28th place
    NASCAR Nationwide Series, 108th place
    2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, 24th place
    Hmmmmm, sounds like a NASCAR driver to me.


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