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    1. Robert Curtis

      for anyone that want pics of Christina Applegate take her Streets movie and the first scene is full of her tits out while fighting with the cop after grabbing your caps you a Photoshop program or other program like this to clear up the pics and there will be plenty to see. That movie was not a big hit so I dont think there was a Blu-ray copy so the screen caps i have are not the best but you can get a good look she also did a western called Wild Bill and in that she makes no attempt to lock down the twins and that was 1995 so still the real thing i would love to send the caps I have to someone that knows how to best use Photoshop or any other program that could clear up the pics because i have no clue how to use to get the best effect just ask and i will be happy to send them if you promise to send back what you come up with.


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