Claudia Romani Sexy (40 Photos + Gif & Video)

Italian model and French reality show star Claudia Romani, 35, is seen wearing a swimsuit and a long Santa cap in Miami, 12/17/2017.


15 thoughts on “Claudia Romani Sexy (40 Photos + Gif & Video)

  1. AJ

    Putting on a red hat doesn’t hide the Jay Leno chin and doesn’t change that these are still the same old boring g-string bikini shots. Ugly and boring. Double whammy.

    1. YouKnowImRight

      You must be into dudes. Any straight guy that’s focused on her chin and not on how hot she is, CLEARLY likes penis.

  2. Jeeg

    Finally I listen her voice. I discover today that she is really Italian!
    In Italy nobody knows her. Never saw on tv, movies, nothing.
    But now that I listen her speaking I can say that she is a real italian girl. I was thinking she was an italo-american of some kind.

  3. Lovethemall

    You guys really need to look at the definition for being fat. I gotta get used to the comments her tho cuz you guys are fucking retarded.. and all you have to do is put a bag over her head.

  4. VR

    Amazing. I just feel sorry for anyone that actually thinks she’s fat. You must enjoy the 12 year old boy bodies or Bella Hadid or the Jenners.

    This is a near perfect body.

  5. YouKnowImRight

    You guys are idiots. She is absolutely beautiful and I’m guessing that if you disagree with that, either a) you are fat and disgusted with life and are willing to rip on everyone else
    b) you are gay and jealous of the attention she gets
    c) blind as Stevie Wonder


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