Claudia Alende Sexy (16 Photos)

Claudia Alende shows off her sweet butt on the beach in Miami, 04/14/2017. Claudia Alende is a model, TV hostess, Miss Bumbum 2014. Age: 23 (born October 9, 1993).


11 thoughts on “Claudia Alende Sexy (16 Photos)

    1. Tainan Machado Silva

      IT’s a contest that happening in Brasil every year.But most of the womem who participate is what we call here in Brasil “raimunda”:Hot but with ugly faces!Google miss bumbum,you can put Brasil in te search too.

          1. Tainan Machado Silva

            Sério isso?

            You are telling me that, there were people who thought that “bumbum” was a country?

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