Christy Hemme Topless (73 Photos)

Here are the unpublished photos of Christy Hemme from her topless photoshoot + possible leaked pics. Christina Lee Hemme is an American professional wrestling valet, ring announcer, singer and retired professional wrestler and model. Age: 37.


17 thoughts on “Christy Hemme Topless (73 Photos)

  1. Deez Nuts

    This orange bitch not 37 she look like 50s or some shit. If she actually is 37 she needs to lay off the cigarettes, liquor, crack and tanning.

    1. J.Love

      Fuck u, u piece of shit. I hope u die a slow death. U faggot muthfucker. Maybe u mad cause your mother was fucked by a nigger & left your little dick father 4 one. What dont u go have a gangbang with all your little faggot friends. Anyway fuck u, fuck your family, & fuck your everything u stand for. U piece of shit keyboard warrior.

  2. VR

    She’s way down on the list of girls from that era. Trish probably looks better 15 years later. Torrie looks the same. Mickie is still hot. Never really a fan of Chrissy. She doesn’t look great at all here.

  3. TheTruther

    I paid $300 for this photo session, but I look incredibly hideous, leathery, and old. Fuck it, let’s release all of them!

  4. Anonymous

    She use to be cute and sexy as fuck back when she was in the WWE. She was my favorite wwe diva so this was a bit of a disappointment that she isn’t what she used to be.


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