11 thoughts on “Christine Bleakley Sexy (33 Photos)

  1. Bob

    It’s really not necessary to republish every photo from magazines or instagram of any woman who’s ever been on TV one time. Do the good ones, the top 20% of what your’re doing today. We’ve been visiting the site for a long time, we’ll still visit. But I really don’t need your site for 20 sets a day of “obscure model wears swimsuit.” That’s what they do for a living, they publish pics of themselves in swimsuits. As do these women, such as the family that shall not be named, who are simply famous for being famous, were built by cosmetic surgeons, and who frankly are not still as attractive as a couple of women I work with every day. Those pics are everywhere, why clutter your site? Thank you for listening.

  2. fapfan7

    please for the love of all pervs, somebody hack Frank phone!!!!!! her got to have shit loads more of this babe on it lol!

  3. Major Rager

    What a fucking tidy wee arse. Would love to part her ass cheeks and stick my tongue right up her tight little farter. Would absolutely destroy her arsehole.


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