Christian Serratos Cleavage (4 Photos)

Check it out new sexy photos of Christian Serratos from Bello Magazine Issue #144 (2017). Christian Serratos is a American actress (The Walking Dead (as Rosita Espinosa)). Age – 26 (September 21, 1990).


6 thoughts on “Christian Serratos Cleavage (4 Photos)

  1. CK

    Her and Alanna Masterson are the hottest things on “The Walking Dead.” I would love to see them both play lesbian lovers in some movie with lots of hot, steamy sex and nudity. Unfortunately, Masterson had a kid and Serratos will soon have one, so that may dash those hopes of ever seeing them naked. 🙁

    1. Bigvizz

      Alanna Masterson? you mean Lauren Cohan right? Alanna Masterson is fat as fuck after having her kid. They should have these actresses sign No-Fat clauses in there contracts or body altering.

  2. Dennis M. Stornelli Sr.

    Love Christian on the Walking Dead. She is the prettiest one. YES!! even prettier than Lauren!!!

    1. pboi

      hmmm, I don’t know…luv CS but LC is pretty hot too. guess there’s only one way for me to pick…go out w/ both and see who’s hotter and wilder 🙂

  3. aaron

    Alanna Masterson and christian serratos are two beautiful women and alanna is not fat as fuck chubby but not fat but very beautiful nevertheless


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