Chrissy Teigen Nude (2 Photos)

Here are old nude photos of Chrissy Teigen by Raphael Mazzucco for ‘Culo Book’ (2011). Chrissy Teigen is an American model. Age – 31. Height 174 cm.


7 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen Nude (2 Photos)

  1. The Oracle

    That ass is definitely photoshopped in there. All you have to do is look at her from the side to see she literally has no ass at all.

  2. Ruination

    Oh look they have taken all the fat off her belly and put it onto her ass. Truly the magic of photoshop!

    One of the most overrated women on the planet.

  3. Humpback Herman

    This chick is so meh. With all the actual hot Eurasians around they choose this horrid butterface to prop up as a model. Sickening.


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