Chloe Khan Nude (21 Photos)

Here are the nude old photos of Chloe Khan from Playboy Venezuela (December 2015). Chloe Victoria Heald (Chloe Victoria, Chloe Mafia) is a glamour model, reality TV star, Playmate.


Thanks to Joe for the info!

19 thoughts on “Chloe Khan Nude (21 Photos)

  1. Get lost, Dont give a crap about your opinion

    Dont give two shits whether shes fake or not cus dayuum shes looking hawtt

  2. Don

    Jesus Christ…what a fucking train wreck of a woman. Her tit job is so bad, her fuckign nipples point in totally different directions. Not to mention the massive airbrush job. I can only image what this mess looks like without makeup. This is a chick you fuck once, change your name and run away.

  3. Rules should apply for all.

    Those are some lopsided tits. I mean fuck her nipples don’t point away from each other in the normal way. Ones facing up and the other down.

  4. 11incher

    Awful plastic gross duck face. Awful awful awful awful boobs and boob job. Giant beef curtains. Beef curtains so large they had to be airbrushed out and are still huge.

  5. klawicki

    How hard is it for plastic surgeons to NOT make the nipples look like Marty Feldman eyes? I see so many women on this site with so cross-eyed nipples it is amazing.


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