Chloe Grace Moretz Sexy – I Love You, Daddy (2017)

Here are the screencaps, gifs and clips with Chloe Moretz (as China) from banned Louis C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy (2017). Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress (Kick-Ass 2) and model. Age: 20 years old (born February 10, 1997).


50 thoughts on “Chloe Grace Moretz Sexy – I Love You, Daddy (2017)

  1. HarryBoughner

    Yet, ANOTHER male-to-female trans-gender.
    -The hips are smaller than the shoulders (a man’s trait).
    -The torso is too wide to be that of a REAL female.
    -The belly-button is FAR above the hips (a man’s trait).
    -The legs are at an acute angle from the hips (a man’s trait).
    -The ring finger is longer than the index finger (a man’s trait).
    -Muscular legs of a man AND the muscular arms of a man.
    -HUGE fucking feet too big for a TRUE female’s body.
    There is a 99.999999997% probability that Chloe Grace was born male and transitioned into being a female.

      1. Harry Boughner

        Apache…just look at the 2nd and 3rd picture from the top. Do you SERIOUSLY think that’s a woman’s body? Not convinced? Look at the last seven pictures just before the video and GIFs at the bottom. And you STILL think that’s a woman? Get real, bud.

        1. Harryisadumbfuck

          Guy, she was acting in movies as a little girl. DId you not see Kick Ass? You are pants on head retarded.

      1. Harry Boughner

        It’s a 98% probability. However, even IF it was a 70% probability, she would STILL have a 99.87% chance of being a man. JUST LOOK AT “her.” What kind of woman has a body like that? And just read the rest of the comments. Look at how many people notice there’s something “gross” about “her” body.

        1. Marty

          Sounds like you’re deflecting and you’re not happy about you’re own body. Maybe you’ve a puny weak body? You certainly come across as insecure, maybe even sexually confused? Is that what it is? Wear high heals and lipstick if you want bro, oh sry, “mam” It’s the 21st century, nobody cares. Except judgemental, sad, pricks like yourself of course.

    1. Zs

      Don’t be stupid she’s just masculine.

      Though that gene pool is pretty fucked up with two gay brothers out of four…

    1. Harry Boughner

      That’s because “she” is a young man. Chloe is a male-to-female transgender. I’m glad you can spot the difference between a man’s body and a woman’s body. Good on you!

      1. harry is obviously gay

        You’re an idiot harry.

        Suddenly women who work out too much and have broad shoulders are “male” to you?!
        fucking wanker.

  2. Santey

    Agh!! Remember her greatest performance in first Kick-Ass. Sad she came to that shape in broad sense. Not only in body.

  3. Issi

    She’d make a great Rugby player with that frame, similar to that american hand football thing but a real sport and a lot less padding.

  4. Severin

    Parts of it were amateurish but overall it was a pretty good movie that raised a lot of interesting questions in a humorous way. And yes, it helped that Chloë looked so damn hot. Likewise for Rose Byrne, who looked fucking beautiful.

    Fuck the claim that Louis CK is some sort of an irredeemable evil monster because of what he did. He deserves to be appropriately (not gratuitously) punished and he should be compelled to get the help he needs if he hasn’t already, but excommunication? That’s ridiculous. BTW, what he did pales in comparison to the fascist #MeToo witch-hunt, which weaponizes misandry and aims to upend our entire system of justice by conflating accusation with guilt and promoting the idea that an asshole who gives a woman’s ass an unwanted squeeze is the same as a rapist. This isn’t a joke. #MeToo fascists are a danger to our democracy.

  5. ljsilver

    she looks like a goat lmao

    she used to be cute while she was under-age but as she aged her body just gave up the balance and starting going ape shit on those corners

  6. Festie

    Well unfortunately 4 her she’s in a business were avg. Women aren’t the norm. Her body isn’t what most of us come looking for on sites like this. All that said, if you actually think she was born a woman you’re a fucking moron. Not just an avg moron. You stand atop the heap. All your juvenile comments won’t ever change that fact. So just go back to drooling on yourself and eating the lint from your belly buttons you deluded troglodytes. If u have a difficult time understanding any of this just ask your handler to try and explain it. That’s what they get paid for. And if I catch you outside your cage again I’m gonna hit your gonads with the cattle prod until you pass out. Filthy animal


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