Charlotte Flair (WWE) Leaked (17 Photos)

Check it out new leaked photos of Charlotte Flair (WWE). Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is an American professional wrestler. Age: 31 (born April 5, 1986).



135 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair (WWE) Leaked (17 Photos)

  1. s.smith

    If I had tits like that I wouldn’t be taking photos of them unless it was for a court case to sue the butcher who created them.shame she’s a very pretty girl

      1. L. Knight

        Or literally any Female Superstar besides Nia Jax.

        Okay, actually, I don’t wanna see Patrick Clark in drag– I mean Ember Moon.

        Or Naomi.

  2. Jason

    I can maybe look past the north/south titties but the Noasstall and negative hips is a deal breaker

      1. Satan

        Look it’s not my fault (maybe it is – insert evil laugh here) that you’re attracted to a man who looks like a woman. And all because the “media” tells you as such.

        It’s also not my fault that you don’t have to brain power to comprehend a simple word called surgery.

        Yes, they can cut off your tiny little picker and make it into a vagina. They also can take your saggy man boobs and turn them into the Double D’s you’ve been dreaming about.

        Women don’t have that indent leading into the groin area like that. Only MEN have that. Look at the face, look at the jaw line, look at brow area. Look at the shoulders, look at how straight up and down the stomach is with ZERO CURVES.

        Wake the fuck up MORON!!!

        1. Bob

          I get that you think your clever since you have such an original name, and we’re all supposed to believe your the actual satan, not just another guy looking at porn like us. Yeah this bitch is ugly, but women can have an Adonis Belt. Comes from working out with low body fat. MORON

          1. L. Knight

            Charlotte WAS ugly. As many people, myself included, have pointed out, she got… Well, fixed.

            ‘Sides, she doesn’t look happy in the pics where she’s nude/topless. I have a feeling she took those for a plastic surgeon to see what needs to be fixed.

          2. Satan

            Comes from being a man DIPSHIT!!!

            Adonis WAS A MAN!

            And now you know and knowing is have the battle ASSWIPE!!

        2. L. Knight

          I’m with Bob. The Adonis Belt is NOT a male-only feature. It DOES come from working out with low body far, male or female.

          You just made yourself look retarded, how does that make you feel?

          1. Satan

            Read my above post RETARD!!!

            What an actual “adonis belt” looks like on a natrually born female.

            Not that of the Post-Op Tranny whos pictures you keep wanking off too.

            No wonder you fools don’t have any girls in your lives. (besides your mommas) You two MORONS can’t tell the diffrence between a actual woman and a feminated man.

            You’d fucked a Tranny up the ass and not knowing any better. Swore it was the best pussy ever.

        3. mike

          dude, you’re the moron. she’s clearly a woman and there childhood photos of her as a girl. She’s the daughter of Ric god damn Flair, dude. of course she’s not a tranny you complete imbecile.

          1. Satan

            Mike, you’re a DUMB ASS MORON who doesn’t have the brain power to research let alone think for yourself.

            But please….continue to masturbate over these dudes. And as you continue to have your male on male fantasies trying to figure out why. Looking into the mirror asking yourself “I’m I gay?”

            You’ll never figure out why dipshit. This is how I you fools get zero actual pussy. Just can’t tell the diffrence.

        4. God

          Yo you’re actually one of the best trolls on here lol. Why are people actually taking you seriously? Peope! Stop being stupid!

    1. Zippo

      you a moron, your mother never tell you the difference….she full of steroids but that ain’t no man

  3. No

    I think she knows how horrible her breasts look.

    She’s smiling in all the photos where she has a top on and looks almost as mournful as her tits in the others

  4. TheTruth

    Almost as masculine as Serena Williams, but more human than orang utan. Disgusting either way, but a good excuse for all the closet faggots trolling this site to pretend to fap to a “woman”.

  5. wawee

    ahh girls. They attack men for measurements they cannot change. Hold their tit size to as much regards as men do their dicks. Get horrible implants, still hold men to standards that cannot be fixed with surgeries and then 9/10 said boob jobs always end up looking terrible but they still continue to get them.

    Female logic.

  6. Robbo

    Surely someone with her family connections and her wealth could have afforded a better surgeon? Or paid for a decent correction?

  7. Mooky

    I got excited at first, but was disappointed after I saw the pics. Her breastases are lop sided. Would have thought her ass would look better. Wonder if she shouts, “Wooooooo!” during sex????

  8. Oracle

    Her tits in side view are pretty nice. Then you see the front view and it becomes a fucking train wreck. Lopsided nipples, no waist, no hips, no ass and way too much muscularity. First time I’ve ever seen someone with her athletic background (gymnastics and volleyball) have absolutely no ass. Weird.

  9. countrykid619

    Another one? The WWE isn’t gonna have any women left at this point. Sad. But still…hot!

  10. MacCready

    I had no idea she had no hips or waist. Holy fuck. And remembering Venture Bros. right now, but: I wanna build 2 little caskets and give her tits a tasteful, dignified funeral.

  11. Jim reed

    Oh yes!! Always knew charlotte could be a hot who’re taking nude selfies, all we need is for her to make porn & taking alot of dick in gangbang sex!

  12. Arrowy

    These all are very old photos. Most likely from her days in NXT. Her body looks much different nowadays. She’s a lot thicker and less muscular and her breasts look different as well. These are pretty much just progress photos most athletes take.

  13. Coin

    Those are the saddest pair of breasts in the history of mankind. She should just slice those things off and start fresh.

  14. Julio

    Such a shame these aren’t recent because looking at her right now she has an ass and not as much of that muscle. She’s got a much hotter body now than whenever these photos were taken.

  15. Harry Bagina

    well, on the plus side she proved she isn’t a tranny, on the negative side, well it would take to long.

  16. Elmo

    I would still hit that from every angle.I dont care what anybody says. I would lick those nice large nipples, lopsided n all. I hope shes just as fiesty out of the ring. All yall r haters. Everybody needs some good loving. Her fit body n confidence is such a turn on. Yall judging but i bet yall have hit girls that arent even half the woman.

  17. Nemo

    These pictures are about 3 years old, her ass is much bigger now! Her tits are bigger too so I reckon she had a second boob job.

    1. Fez Ferrari

      Yea, that’s what I figured. The last couple of times I’ve seen her wrestle I noticed that her butt is bigger than it used to be. But in these pics her butt is almost totally flat.

  18. Atomic

    Folks talking about her boobs, do you know a little human anatomy instead of just talking stupidity?? every women have a bigger and or upper one as charlotte have. its human biology and it as been like that since ever. yet, most of you haters, talking about boobs when you only know plastics one, and some of you don’t even know reals or plastics ones. Have a good fap.

    1. Megameh

      Dude, those are clearly breast implants. You seem to be the one who doesn’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Atomic

        sorry, but you dont, in her younger aged pics, they were natural, hence what i’ve wrote, nowadays, she clearly got implants..or maybe do you want to teach my job!!??

  19. Musty

    These must be old. She has a much fatter ass now and generally looks thicker (good thing), less scrawny and muscular with bigger tits (2nd op?/correction?)

  20. L. Knight

    After reading some comments, can confirm, these are older pics. Just look at anything she does now, her butt is much bigger. Tits I can’t determine, her ring gear is good at giving the illusion of DDs when she appears to have lopsided Ds, but they coulda been fixed.

    The ones where she has longer hair are the more resent ones, as in NXT she had shorter hair.

  21. tdawgx

    idk, i think some of these are fake. As you can see, in some pics she has tatts on upper arms on both, in other pics they arnt there. Posb a look alike trying to pass as her?

  22. Juan Carlos Rivera

    this was back when she was in nxt. she’s gotten way thicker so she needs to put out new nudes

  23. Robert Miskovich

    It’s like a tranny but not! In the words of Rick James “The milk’s gone bad Charlie Murphy”

  24. Bishop

    Did anyone else notice that in the nudes she has a WWE phone case with her name on it? So much for claiming the pics might be fakes.

  25. Jesse

    Please for the love of God return these to sender trade for some Sasha banks leaks!!!!! Now im sure we’re all waiting for her to show off that sweet little tight bod..she’s the hottest bitch in wwe!!!!

  26. Sweet dick Willy

    How are people saying Paige’s leaks are disappointing??? She’s fucking herself, sucking dick and taking BBC!!! That’s hot!!!

  27. Nikki

    You guys keep talking about not being able to masturbate to these. I have a feeling going by how her relationships and if her body looks like this. She is the one masturbating more then all of you

  28. Michael Da Rock Odu

    Charlotte Flair the Queen of them all, my duva eva afyer michelle mccool left wrestling. sexy blonde Flair. athletic, skillful and fkexible. very resilient in taking punishment in the ring and she was born with the ring sude in her blood…… her nude phoyos are do fucking cool. this is so cool. I’m very attracted to her. I wish we could meet and strike things of in bed. very sexy lady Charlotte “the Queen” Flair is.

  29. s.smith

    One of the worse boob jobs I’ve ever seen,dont women get a boob job to equal up uneven tits.I think its a combination of too much silicone and muscle.Having said that she’s very pretty and has nice nipples.I’d fuck her,lol

  30. Wayne Monaghan

    I’d eat her for a month straight. Got a feeling that would be some tight and I mean tight little pussy and ass.


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