Charisma Carpenter Naked (3 Photos)

Nude censored photos of Charisma Carpenter from Instagram, 07/24/2016. Hot milf! Charisma Carpenter is an American actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–1999), Angel (1999–2004), Bound (2015)). Age: 46 (July 23, 1970).


Her first nude pics are from a Playboy (2004) when she was 33 y.o. Charisma Carpenter in upcoming movies: The Griddle House (2016), Felo De Se (2016).

Charisma Carpenter Naked 1 Charisma Carpenter Naked 2

12 thoughts on “Charisma Carpenter Naked (3 Photos)

  1. Uncensored

    Presidential election promise. Rule #1 – Censored nude photos should be illegal. Especially if she’s smokin’ hot! Rule #2 – No one who works to contribute in their society should starve or go thirsty.

  2. Kimo

    How far Cordelia has come! She’s the Cindy Crawford for our time – looks better now than when she was 18!

    Now she really just needs to drop those stars…

  3. ballen

    the new maitland ward 😛

    she done playboy, and here she hide the only part u want to see, her pussy, elephant ears or not
    Labiaplasty or not

  4. Spankmaster

    Get rid of those fucking stars and let us see the promised land. Leaked nudes are supposed to be just that and not a disappointment. You will be hearing from my lawyer about this criminal act…


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