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Chelsea ‘Chanel’ Dudley is a real name of the American rapper, who performs under her stage name Chanel West Coast. Besides music Chanel West Coast is building an acting career, working on TV and shooting with popular photographers for fashion magazines.

The love to music she received from her Russian father who worked a DJ, which took took with him eight Chanel West Coast in night clubs. The first fame came to her when she starred in several MTV’s TV shows. Chanel West first tried to record tracks in 2009, and it marked the beginning of her cooperation with numerous with people and labels.

In 2011, the singer has confirmed that has signed a contract with record label Zone 4, owned by Polow Da Don. Soon, however, Chanel West Coast had left the label, never releasing content at this studio. At the same time Dudley started to upload some of her tracks online for free download, and soon presented the video called ‘I Love Money‘.

In 2011 she moved to the label Lil Wayne. At the moment, she released dozens of mixtapes.

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Here are new nude covered photos of singer Chanel West Coast by Johnny Cinematic for new song – Instagram (August 2017).

Chanel West Coast Nude & Sexy Pics

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