Caroline Wozniacki Bodypaint (18 Photos)

New nude covered photos of Caroline Wozniacki for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016. Sexy body! Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish professional tennis player. Age: 25 (11 July 1990).



Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-2 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-3 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-4 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-5 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-6 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-7 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-8 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-9 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-10 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-11 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-12 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-13 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-14 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-15 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-16 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-17 Caroline-Wozniacki-Bodypaint-18

8 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki Bodypaint (18 Photos)

  1. Alex

    Caro’s beautiful! Cibulkova posing sexily too! We need as many WTA sexy shoots as possible with the hope that some of them might actually go nude – Ana Ivanovic nude would make me die a happy man!

    1. TheKing

      Shes a Danish citizen who has lived in Denmark all her life, who plays for Denmark, and who identifies as a dane. Nobody wants to be fucking polish, fucking eastern European shit country, no wonder her parents moved to Denmark.

  2. robe

    she looks sexy ,should show her puss ,boobs like all the celeb women do now . she doesnt look any better than many women at the swim pools or beaches. pretty average but fu-kable.


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