Cara Delevingne Sexy (10 Photos + Gifs & Video)

Model and actress Cara Delevingne poses for Jimmy Choo 2017 Holiday Campaign.


17 thoughts on “Cara Delevingne Sexy (10 Photos + Gifs & Video)

      1. klawicki

        you are bragging about begin a burden to society?

        I hate to tell you..but your food stamps are getting cut off next month. So..while you will still be a burden to everyone, at least we don’t have to pay to keep you alive anymore.

        and it is no no wonder why you are so suicidally lonely. Women don’t exactly get wet to “Hey baby…wanna help me eat some of my gubbermint cheese?”

        1. ikciwalk

          You have got to be the most toxic, pointlessly hostile a$shole on this or any website… why don’t you stick your head up a horse’s cµnt

      2. klawicki is REALLY telling that you think that there are only two things to do in life…work and commenting on this fucking site. So you can’t even DENY how suicidally lonely you are. You can’t even FATHOM having an actual life because it doesn’t even occur to you that other people do things socially.

  1. Duncan MacLeod

    Look we all have bad pics but this girl is nothing without make up and photoshop I just don’t find her attractive

  2. Doug

    “IWANTCHOO” Just so you know kiddies, thats called a play on words or more specifically, a homonym assuming wantchoo is a word

  3. klawicki

    When she has big enough sunglasses to cover up those woolly mammoth caterpillars above her eyes, she looks halfway decent.


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