Caitlin Stasey Braless (3 Photos)

Caitlin Stasey shows off her tit, unshaven armpit and ass – Instagram, 09/04/2017. Caitlin Stasey is an actress (Fear, Inc.) from Melbourne (AU). Age: 27 years old.


27 thoughts on “Caitlin Stasey Braless (3 Photos)

    1. Cheesy goodness

      Nah, she doesn’t shower and smells like goat cheese. Bet she’s got a couple cheese factories on board. No matter, I’d still fuck.

  1. JohnnyFuckFace1017

    I don’t have any issues with women w/ body hair – just with women w/ body hair who use it desperately, along with nudity, to try to convince others how hip and edgy they are. This fem is the definition of “tragically hip”. All style, no substance.

  2. wawaweewa

    another brain dead feminist. We get it, you’re edgy and going against societal norms and sticking it to the man. I did that shit too..when I was 13.

    Shave those nasty pits.

  3. Marrrrr

    Not a fan of hair arm pits, this woman is hot but she is absolutely nuts. When people talk about feminazis, this is the type they mean

  4. Phil

    I guess all the idiots moaning about her unshaved armpits have completely hairless bodies. After all hair is so disgusting and smelly for you.

  5. Zoots

    When you said “unshaven armpit and ass”, I was imagining a hairy ass. Pit hair never put me off but girls with furry ass cheeks may be a bridge too far.

  6. Thx Feminazis

    What’s the point? Omg she’s so edgy with hairy armpits and her tit hanging out. “Take that, patriarchy…look at my boob!!!”

    Every straight male: “Uhhh…ok. Thx. It’d be really non-confirming if you showed us a vid of you master bating too!”


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