Bella Thorne Topless (Hot Photo)

Someone sent a photo with Bella Thorne. Is it real or fake? Bella (or full Annabella) Thorne is an actress, singer, dancer from Pembroke Pines (Florida, United States). Age: 19.



71 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Topless (Hot Photo)

  1. LongDongSilver

    That is not her! Number one her nipples are pierced and two they’re a lot puffier than that! Though who’s ever they are deserves and award because they’re beautiful!

    1. klawick you REALLY still not understand how fakes work? You think the necklace is proof that it is real? I hate to break it to you..but fakes are not just done by lookalikes. So having some part of the picture showing some item of hers is not proof of ANYTHING about the nude parts.

  2. RandomGuy

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long… I’m kinda disapointed :/ What else should I’ve expected tho ? It looks almost exactly as I pictured it … Anyways thanks por posting this picture man (or woman)

  3. MacCready

    Well, we don’t get to see the predator hair she was sporting in this shot, or the glitter pits, so this is pretty nice.

      1. klawick

        Again to the idiots….Learn how fakes work before embarrassing yourself again by thinking that a similar clothed picture proves it is real. It is JUST THE OPPOSITE.

    1. TitMagician

      They’re not fake just young and perky but its definitely photo shopped. Those aren’t her nipples anyway. She probably had a shirt on then someone shopped it up to make her look topless

  4. fake pic solver

    Hate to be that guy, but I dont se nip pearce! I mean its removable, but I dont know… if its a fake, its a damn good one!

  5. fake pic solver

    hate to be that guy, but I dont see a nip pearce. i mean its removable but still… if it is a fake, its a damn good one!

  6. Debbie

    Fake…you guys wish, but I don’t think it’s her.
    Good job though. Let’s hope we see real leaks of hers sometime soon.
    By the way when are we gonna have more Lena- Meyer pics?

  7. PS-Police

    Fake… under the alien emoticon there was a small birthmark that is not in this pic… and you can see the blending around the nips….. nice job though…

  8. Pufflover

    It’s fake and was never thought to be real

    So few people can tell a fake from the real thing apparently. Plus her nipples are actually puffy

  9. CK

    I was somewhat expecting her to have better nipples than that, but I’m not complaining. They’re still very nice if, in fact, the image IS real. I don’t see a nipple piercing, though, which I know she has. Hmmm, the jury may still be out on this. :\

  10. DK

    No nip piercing and look where the other girls arm is. You can see the shadow doesn’t match up, most likely where they removed the sticker. Good effort though.

  11. jack

    It has to be photoshopped. Look at previous posts and you will find the original with emojis covering her… She also has nipple rings which seem to have magically disappeared

  12. Mark Ecko

    Totally FAKE … Everyone seems to forget one very key thing about Bella Thorne “PIERCED NIPPLES” …Even if she took the piercing out for the picture her nipples would be larger then they are because of the piercing… the nipples in this pic have never been pierced …VERY NICE PHOTOSHOP!!!

  13. Dizz

    I’d love to say real, but nips look too shopped over the emoticons. Plus if it didn’t come from her, but came from some “random guy”….i call bullshit. Her nips would look similar to that though, judging from that leaked pic from the original Fappening, and those pics were her….including the nips one. This pic though….sadly fake 🙁

  14. zipper

    this is both real and fake. the original pic has emojis over her nipples but they were shopped out. amazing photoshop skills though, looks real

  15. Dave. B

    The poster says “Is this real or fake?” All you’ve done is cropped the watermark off the bottom of the pic and reposted. They’re the only other ones with this picture so YEAH, I’d say it’s fake. Lol.

  16. Zippo

    …key to my chastity belt there…as a cuck, I don’t get my little cock out often….Andreas the cuck, you know the drill, give your typical drivel on ownership….

    1. Zippo

      severely disappointed in your posts…..they are all the same shit as you seem to be on the small cock and cuck thing again…this is getting boring with you, like too well done steak…..oh and I still Own You junior, you’re not shit anymore…

  17. wayniac

    You can see on her left boob where someone just photoshopped out the emoji and added the nipple. From all the sheer clothing she wears this looks to be what she would really look like topless. nice.

  18. Jeff

    Been waiting her cute sexy dancing a while ago have me cum now it fun time nice boobies crazy finally pussy next great cap

  19. Cockalicious

    Looks legit to me. If it’s photoshopped then they did a hell of a job adding not only a right nipple where the emoji was but also the background (friends arm with a shadow of her boob on it) who knows, she could have taken out her piercings

  20. Jeff

    Been waiting her cute sexy dancing a while ago have me cum now it fun time nice boobies crazy finally pussy next great cap leg I can take out a piercing pussy i bet is tasty…her moms too


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