Bella Hadid Sexy (30 Photos)

Bella Hadid attends The New York Knicks Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game in NYC, 12/12/2017. Isabella Hadid is an American model, actress, reality television/online star. Age – 21.


16 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Sexy (30 Photos)

  1. Gigi

    Wow, I didn’t think she was physically capable of smiling. I assumed with all the surgey she’s had done, her face would be mostly plastic and fillers by now. This is probably the best she’s ever looked.

  2. Doug

    Is she really passionate about basketball or is trying to distract herself from trying to choose between a negro bestie or a chink one night stand

    1. Tigger

      She’s on a rich negro hunt, gotta gold dig like her mom. Her modeling career is almost over. No white man or other race will touch her, she can keep the herpes and whatever else she caught on the other side of that fence.


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