Bayley WWE Leaked (3 Photos)

Here are new private photos of Bayley. Pamela Rose Martinez is an American professional wrestler. Age: 28.


Thanks to King for the info!

29 thoughts on “Bayley WWE Leaked (3 Photos)

    1. ButterfaceBayley

      You can’t just say it’s not her based on nothing. By the looks of it it is her but the penis isn’t in the picture, it’s one of those faggoty ass cum tributes all those internet losers do.

      1. C

        You can tell by her nose that it ain’t her and the jaw line. Bayley has a bigger/wider nose and a square jaw line. So people can say it ain’t her.

      1. Monty Python and the Wholey Fuck I hate Zippos

        so just the facts likes just the cocks, you from England, it is swarming with gays

        1. Mounting pylons

          Wow – Zing. NOT. Can’t pay much attention to losers here. Maybe stick to your Pboi quarrels faggot.

  1. YPYFA

    As others have said, not her. This photo was originally posted (along with more of the same girl) in a /b/ thread. The other photos make it very clear this isn’t Bayley, just someone who looks kinda like her from certain angles.

  2. The Oracle

    They say everyone has a look-a-like. Bayley has an average looking face. I really could be just about anyone. Now, if the picture showed her rather juicy ass and her face as well, then we’d know for sure. Until there are more pics added to this leak, I will reserve judgment on whether it is her or not.

  3. Junkiepete

    What you faggots gone hack next . Fatima whitbreads phone. Might see some cock then.
    How about Hulk Hogan ? Try hacking an actual good looking woman and stop Jerking to memories of fucking your muscle bound cousin. He was gay anyway.

  4. its-a-me

    FYI this isn’t fake, but this isn’t her. There are other photos of this girl that show it’s not here. Someone posted this on 4chan I believe as a troll, people thought it was real, and it was up here before anyone posted the rest of the set.


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