Avril Lavigne Leaked Thumbnails

Found this on a russian website.avril lavigne leaks thumbs

17 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Leaked Thumbnails

  1. Xeenopeen91

    No he isn’t lying. I’m the one who found it on the russian website and posted it to the forum because people wanted to see ANY avril pics they could. And that album preview was still a part of the fappening original pic release. I agree it shouldn’t be posted here, but are you really gonna complain? At least it’s not covered in faggeningreport watermarks…
    Also if your observant, there’s still more pics that are cut off on the bottom.
    You guys are really greedy with these pics when none of you even have a right to see them. Kinda funny, kinda pathetic.

    1. Man29

      Keep calm, man.
      This guy is just a big lier.
      I saw the pic on Imgur. It’s the only one and the same photo that Avril Lavigne herself posted on Facebook a little time ago. Nothing new. Anyone can get on Facebook profile of Lavigne. He don’t have anything beyond this pic. I have the same pic, because I follow Avril on Facebook. Simple like that. I know what I mean, trust me. I’m a huge fan.

  2. Xeenopeen91

    And by none of you I mean no one at all. Not me, not the president.
    Not that I’m against this shit in anyway, but you really need to learn to just sit back and wait for leaks. It’s pretty annoying when everyone is begging for shit they don’t deserve to get posted, then it gets posted and you bitch.


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