7 thoughts on “August Ames Boobs (3 Photos + Video)

  1. AJ

    I don’t usually comment on these porn whores, but damn, August Ames is HOT. I’ve fapped off this absolutely gorgeous whore many times. Check her out on any of the porn video sites.

  2. Spankmaster

    Andreas, for you to want an incredibly gorgeous woman like this to have a dick, it means either:
    A) You have an extremely warped view on what steaming sexuality is; or
    B) You are a transgender individual who can’t cope with your recent operation and have become seriously paranoid about where your lopped off member ended up, with you somehow coming to the totally inaccurate conclusion that Miss August Ames stole it from you before she died and now has sadly gone to hell with her.
    Either way, you’re fucked, so it says it all really….


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