Ariana Grande X-Ray (3 Photos)

Check it out photoshoped photo of Ariana Grande from this post. Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress (Sam & Cat (TV Series) ). Age: 23 (born June 26 1993).


24 thoughts on “Ariana Grande X-Ray (3 Photos)

  1. Norma Stitz

    She’ll go the way of Lindsay Lohan, for sure , getting increasingly more unattractive and irrelevant each year — BOOK IT!

      1. Alexssander

        She doesn`t win noms she gets, also, it is incredibly lower than the pass the amount of hit songs she has each year,

        1. pboi

          holy shit…ur one of those people that if u win a million dollars, u would be complaining it’s not more. it’s only a quarter of the year and she has a song in the top five and a new one just released…what do u want…a song every week? please don’t have kids, I don’t want our future in the hands of these kind of thinking

    1. Endgame

      Doubt that very much considering Ariana can actually sing and will always be able to cash in on it. Plus, she likely has more money in her bank account to live the good life for the rest of her life without working another day of her life. She probably makes more in royalties from the music she’s already put out in a day then any of us make in a month. Lindsay never was much more than a one trick pony the media kept alive.

    2. pboi

      thanks norma shitz for that insightful tidbit of…SHIT. ‘getting increasingly more unattractive and irrelevant each year’…really?!?! guess u don’t listen to the radio…they only play her songs every hour, she’s on tour, getting awards nom, and she’s only 23!!! I bet ur 3 times her age and u have NOTHING to show for and now ur a bitter old hag hating on everyone…again, thanks for the ‘insightful’ info

        1. derailed

          Ha ha: with that kinda response did he hit to close to home?? Pretty sure it is her singing ability and everything else that goes with it that he was talking about, Irrelevant if she is as you would describe her a (teeny bopper). I Guarantee she is more successful then you are or ever will be. but such is the hand your dealt i guess.

    1. L. Knight

      Yeah, if you’re a pedophile.

      How can you find a 23-year-old that perpetually looks 12 to be attractive? Freak.

  2. the dude

    First of all, I’m usually on here arguing that fake nudity is real. But even I think this nonsense is fake. Secondly, I wouldn’t complain about seeing her nubile breasts, but someone needs to x-ray the babymaker. Some guys are boob men, butt men, leg men, etc. However, I’m more of a vulva man. Thanks for taking my concerns into account for future work – bottom line, don’t waste our time with fake x-rays and, if you do, then at least fake a vagina x-ray. Don’t take this criticism too hard – you guys generally do good work. Just be a little cautious, since I don’t want this to turn into a fake website like celebjihad. (Recent other examples are Michelle Rodriguez’s fake bush and breasts, Christina Ricci’s fake bush, etc. – I get ALL excited and then get the air let out of me by some super nerd who scours the internet for merking news.)

    1. pboi

      dude…she’s 23, she’s old enough…if she ever wants to jump me…HELL YA. if she ever wants to jump u, r u going to say ‘NO’?

  3. L. Knight

    Lemme make sure I have this right.

    For her acting credits, you chose the lesser known duble spin-off of VicTORious and iCarly, as opposed to the show her character ORIGINATED from, that went for 4 seasons, as opposed to 1, the aforementioned VicTORious?

    You can’t count AND you’re an idiot.

    Sell this site. Sell it to someone with a brain.


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