Ariana Grande New Proof

Ariana Grande New Proof!

Ariana Grande New Proof

6 thoughts on “Ariana Grande New Proof

  1. Truth

    Is this her? Let’s find out!

    (middle bottom pic)
    Uploaded by Dec 25, 2013

    Picture on Tumbler at least 2/27

    Face is similar..
    Actual cat has white on the back of it’s neck
    (0:37; 3:13; 4:00)
    Her hair is too short to be Ariana’s
    (Any pic, Dec. 23rd)
    Most Likely NOT Ariana, but dat ass…

    (Extra nude leak)
    if you put Saturation all the way up, Brightness all the way down, can see Photoshop Job on head
    Boobs to big

    Most likely NOT Ariana (Bathroom pic 1) (Bathroom pic 2)
    Bracelets, nail polish, and setting are the same in both these pics
    Bathroom suggests a hotel
    But, she never had that phone, only iPhones

    Different Butt (Larger) (side by side you can really tell)

    No blemish on arm, but probably wrong arm because of mirror

    Wristband in picture is a red-yellow-red. Ariana Grande never had this type of bracelet.

    And of course, Ariana doesn’t have belly button piercings (her belly button is actually pretty low)

    Both pic are of the same girl in the same place, but the girl is most likely NOT Ariana

    These girls are pretty hot, but they’re NOT Ariana

  2. Frans

    Leonie Hooisma uit Harderwijk werkt niet meer in privehuis Sunrise in Hilversum.
    Ze heeft 5 jaar hier gewerkt als Cecile. Ook bij privehuis Amersfoort en in Antwerpen.


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