Ariana Grande Naked (3 Photos)

Ariana Grande Naked

3 Photos from iCloud

Please DOWNLOAD this photo archive, until i am forced to remove it.

Ariana Grande Naked 01

Ariana Grande Naked 02 Ariana Grande Naked 03

Please DOWNLOAD this photo archive, until i am forced to remove it.

74 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Naked (3 Photos)

          1. jack

            Scar??? That’s just shit on the mirror. You can see more near the bottom. Top one looks legit. Bottom two don’t.

    1. alyson

      i am like really obsessed over ari, i can assure you that its fake. These people just want to ruin her carrer or make her look bad. How do i know? Ariana doesnt tan and one of those have a tan line, second of all one of the picture was taken with spand iphone,ariana has a samsung, also the girl on the first one, has a tatoo on her leg, ariana only has one on her underarm,neck and toe, in the last one the girl taking the picture is wearing bracelets, ariana does not wear those types of bracelets. I am pretty sure these are fake

      1. Pasketti

        Actually, it very well COULD be her in the first one because I have a pic of her – definitely her, face showing, from her own Instagram page – in a sexy little dress, in that same full length mirror, using that same polka dot phone. Wish I could post a link for you.

  1. kenzie

    That’s not ariana lol she doesn’t have her belly button pierced and she’s a lot more petite than that girl. And her hair is way different and her face too

  2. Sutre

    I call fake, the first picture the room is really disgusting and dirty…I highly doubt she would take that kind of picture in that kind of room. In the other two, look at the backing to the cellphone, it’s not on there. If they were taken from ICloud that would be an apple phone and it would also match the first photo.

    1. David Davidson

      not really man, you can back up ANYthing through icloud; all shed do is use a different phone, back her pics up on her pc, or transfer them to her iphone, and VOILA, backup on icloud without having to have taken a pic WITH one. Pretty simple to see, really

      1. For Realz?

        They’re fake dude. Besides the obvious (trailer-trash dirty floor, etc.), that first pic has been circulating Tumblr since late 2012/early 2013 – long, long before this supposed “hack”. The last two, although definitely a hot girl, are just as other have said, a total different body shape plus there’s the piercing. Hell, a good chunk of the “leaks” on here are photoshopped or random look-alike web finds that have been circulating for a long time. Obviously SOME photos were really stolen from a few people but most of what’s on here aren’t legit.

        1. Bobby

          Where’s your evidence that the first pic has been circulating since 2012? Nobody has been able to demonstrate that, all you do is assert bs without evidence.

        2. Steven

          Damn, some people will fight tooth and nail to try and prove that a naked celebrity photo is real. Haha. The pictures, albeit probably fake, are still nice though. I really don’t care. There’s only, like, one celebrity I want to see naked anyway, and Ariana Grande isn’t her.

    2. 21andover

      I think that even thought the second one isn’t from a iPhone you can always send a photo to an iPhone and add it to your icloud. That’s my theory.

  3. john

    Ariana if you or your rep is reading this…I think it better to just own it….Denying it only makes it spread faster…….Own it and move on like other celebs…

    Lots of proof are circulating online…

    I think it’s a freakish coincidence for the cat to look the same

    1. Anon

      The head on the first pic looks way to big and doesn’t even look like she has a neck, and you can’t even see her face in the last two. I think they are fake.

    2. and the picture ( ) just look at the cat’s back leg in both one has white at the top the other doesn’t, and the white on the cats face on the left is clearly lower than the one on the left.

    3. andy

      it’s not the same cat the 1st cat looks skinny the 2nd looks tubby,

      in 2nd pic the cat on the right has a white mark going up the side the other don’t in the 1st photo

  4. UnknownResource

    People think it’s fake, but no one cares, Tori said their fake too. But if they’re fake, why would you go this far?

    1. Max

      Nope, that’s not a tampon. It’s just one of many marks on the dirty mirror. You can see other white marks all over the bottom of it.

      1. know it all

        It’s not Ariana because there isn’t suppose to be a tattoo on her leg and she doesn’t use that kind of phone

  5. Dave

    It can’t be her! People might be trying to use the cat as proof but if you look closely the cat in the Instagram pic and the cat in the nude pic are different the on in the nude has no stripe by its back legs while the one Instagram cat does have a stripe on him also the other 2 if you look CLOSELY again you can see the phone is not an iphone it’s a blackberry or something and why would she ever want to transfer those kind of photos to her iPhone? She has no use for them. I want the real ariana grande nude pics not these fakes!!

  6. Max

    The cat and Ariana Grande “inspired” iphone 5 case are two things going for this pic. But what really bothers me is that the door is scuffed and dirty as heck and carpet looks like shit. That phone case she’s holding came out a year ago and the house (mansion really) she lived in at the time was spotless and imaculete. So if this really is her I would image she could have taken it while visiting someone……….and apprently she dragged the cat along.

  7. lance.aikens

    You dumbasses talking about the cats not matching because of the striped back leg are slow. That stripe you see is the cat’s tail laying across the back legs. I don’t think the pics are hers, but don’t try to prove either way. Let the believers believe, and the non believers move on without crushing the believers. On a side note, she is the one person I want to see more than anyone else in the collection. lol

  8. goose

    all those pics have the same phone in it if u werent a retard ud see that in the last 2 the back has been taken off thats why it looks different and they’ve already proven that its actually her

  9. fuck you

    the first picture of ariana with the cat is from a video when she covered the song “emotions” by mariah carey. it isnt her fucking cat. she doesn’t own a cat. fucking idiots

  10. Webbie

    LOL… how can anyone think that first picture is Ariana? You can see half of the girl’s face in the photo and she looks NOTHING like Ariana; not even close. Not to mention Ariana’s tits and ass aren’t nearly that big, and there’s no way that someone with her money would be living in a dump like that.

    At first I thought the last two photos were possible, but after you look around they’re obviously not pictures of Ariana. Look into it a bit and I don’t know how you could possibly think it’s her.

    Believe me, I want to see Ariana’s naked body as much as anybody, but the girl in these pics is not Ariana Grande. It’s very obvious; you’d have to be a complete moron to think otherwise.

  11. Bryan

    A fake. Ariana is more petite than the one who’s in the last two pics. And grande wouldnt have taken a photo in that kind of room (messy af). her cat is not even like the cat in the nude photo.

  12. Jessica

    There is a cut on her right leg.
    Are any of you taking any notice to this?
    Poor girl. I hope she doesn’t self-harm. :/

  13. JD

    That is for sure her in the first photo. She came out and took the pic head on. She admited it was her and said her ass looks much better in person.

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  15. Bud Good

    None of them are real – to start with she would not be taking up in a slum home like the one in the pic. And she is also much more petite than the chick in the photos. For you dreamers, go jerk off – you’ll be fine.


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