Anne Hathaway in a Bikini (38 Photos)

New paparazzi photos of Anne Hathaway pregnant in a black bikini with Adam Shulman, Hawaii, 12/27/2015.  Family holiday! Anne Hathaway is an American actress, singer, and producer. Age: 33 (November 12, 1982)



Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-10 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-11 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-12 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-14 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-15 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-16 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-17 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-18 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-19 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-2 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-20 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-21 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-22 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-23 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-24 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-25 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-27 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-28 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-29 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-3 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-30 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-31 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-32 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-33 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-34 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-35 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-36 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-37 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-38 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-39 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-4 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-40 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-5 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-6 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-7 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-8 Anne-Hathaway-in-a-Bikini-9

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