Anna Faith Carlson Naked Photo and Proof

Laaked photo of Anna Faith Carlson.

Anna Faith Carlson Naked 01

Anna Faith Carlson Naked 02

Anna Faith Carlson Naked 03

64 thoughts on “Anna Faith Carlson Naked Photo and Proof

  1. Bob

    I can understand leaking celebrity pictures; however, she’s just a regular person. Not to sound like a dick, but that is kinda fucked up to leak a normal teenager pic. Just saying. :\

  2. x

    This slut blocked me on instagram not long ago because she got butthurt that I asked some dude where I could find her nude pics. I asked him that because he posted a comment saying that there was a nude pic of her on the internet (meaning this one) and a few minutes later she blocked me. She probably blocked him too. Apparently she reads all of her comments on instagram. She pretends to be a “good girl” with this Frozen crap, but I she’s a freak in disguise. Probably a huge slut in the bedroom. Only sluts get boob jobs.

      1. x

        I don’t give a shit what you think of me. I only asked the dude “Where at?” I didn’t ask “Where are her nudes” If you want to be her white knight then go ahead. She has plenty of them

          1. xStupid

            “She shouldn’t have gotten butthurt because of it” why? Just because you think you’re being subtle? You’re an asshole! Dude, if there is someone who can say if you are an asshole or not, that person is not you, you can’t judge yourself lol. Its not an opinion, its common sense. see ya

          2. Anonymous

            Stop being such a faggot, you’re on a website that leaks nudes. Quit the whole “You’re an asshole” charade. Go back to disney.

    1. Breonna

      Woahwoahwoah. You guys don’t realize that that is a photoshopped picture. Do u know how manny “nudes” have been around? It’s so easy to photoshop crap like this on someone. Lol. Y’all are clueless

      1. Anonymous

        This inst a fake or photo shopped photo. These are actually her tits, pre-surgery. as well as after. She is not a ” Good girl ” if you’ve seen what she posts. I know her. Seen her, and talked with her. Despite her not wanting this up, she risked taking the pic in the first place. That was her mistake. carry on people. Although, stop creepign on celeb’s. She is indeed a Model, at the age of 18, after being spotted on the web with Elsa ( From Disney’s Frozen ) behind her.

    2. Freaker

      I could care less about this bitch but “only sluts get boob jobs.” Is probably the dumbest most stereotypical statement I’ve heard in a long time.

      1. x

        No it’s not the “dumbest statement” ONLY SLUTS get boob jobs for attention. Mostly porn stars get boob jobs. Women who want people to look at their breast. It’s all for attention.

        1. Babombadil

          Or to boost their self confidence? Who cares. I’m sure you’d add a foot to your baby dick if it were possible, and not just so that you can slut it up- seems like you can use a boost in confidence yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be lashing out at barely legal women on the internet.

        2. Matt

          Many women get “boob jobs” following radical mastectomy. Others, because they have very small breasts and are under the mistaken belief that all guys only like big breasts. There are also so.e women that have physical abnormalities that they have repaired. Any time you make a broad, sweeping generalization like yours, you only show your own ignorance. Now, back to the tits…of all sizes and shapes!

      1. x

        She’s trying hard to keep a “perfect image” of herself. She expects everyone to kiss her ass every time she posts a pic. Any little comment that she doesn’t like, she deletes it and blocks that person. She’s nothing more than an attention whore. I don’t think she realizes how pathetic her obsession of wanting to look like that little girl from Frozen is. She probably thinks if they do a live action Frozen movie they will call her.

    3. John

      And only dick heads speak that way, enjoy the pic and STFU, you aren’t anyone important/special to be talking about women like that.

        1. truth

          You seem like a major asshole. I bet you’re that fatass living in your parents’ basement jacking off to teenagers because nobody loves you for the reason that you’re a major Asshole. So… how about you stop judging girls for getting boobjobs when you, the hippocrite, just want to fill that empty void in your heart that some girl in high school left with some naked pictures of some girl on the Internet. Good luck in life you prick

    4. Wow

      I was agreeing with you until the last part. “Only sluts get boob jobs” REally? How about “girls who fucking feel insecure and not worthy due to society telling them they need big tits to be beautiful”. Fuck you faggot.

      1. Nells

        Well, I know a lot of girls are insecure… but getting some fake material under your skin just to have two round balls on your boobs, is not the best thing you could do… I think not that many would go so far. If you do such a thing, it shows that you’re really really insecure and you’re ready to do anything to have big boobs. That doesn’t sound good and makes no good impression. A nice girl with natural small boobs is better than a poser girl with fake big boobs. Yeah, many people are like: “You don’t understand because you have big boobs, you don’t know how it is”. Yeah, I guess so… but I’d never do such a thing to myself. That’s too extreme and so not normal.

      2. Badboll

        Actually society as a whole doesn’t appreciate fake tits. The majority of men and women, thinks it’s a dumb thing to do.

        Using society telling/pressuring them to do it is among the dumbest things ever.
        Thinking something doesn’t make it true.

        Ask anyone fake vs real. You will get a very one sided result I assure you that.

    5. youjackazz

      Let’s make a few simple observations first off she’s a model its her job to look this way so if she wants to get some work done to further her career go on ahead. Second you obviously enjoy this being as you want through the trouble to find these pictures and for some reason go ranting on about how your upset because she blocked on Instagram then say only sluts get boob jobs when its a well known fact that cancer patients also have similar work done.

    6. Faltubura

      I completely agree with the statement that “only sluts get boob jobs”.
      But even sluts deserve privacy and the photo, if real, wasn’t definitely meant to make public. So yeah, she was butthurt, but you seem like a bigger butthurt because you got blocked lmao.

  3. Weezy Jetson

    Poor girl went to get surgery and got the equivalent of titty vaneers. Them some sho nuff robot titties. I don’t care though, i’ll still holla at em. Take me to your leader and shit.

  4. angiemarie24

    First off wow a ton of you are jerks. She’s a gorgeous girl and your seeing her topless. Go jerk off or use a vibrator(playing it safe not sure whose male or female here lol). A good cum will help you relax

  5. wooooo

    Wow, I dated her when she went to my youth group in P.O. I did NOT expect to see her on some random fucking sight with a bunch of celebrities, but there she is. Why the hell is this normal fucking girl on this website? This is jailbait, and maybe Annanda Todd Carlson. This pic was stolen off her best friend’s phone by some dude, and it’s not even a good pic of her, or them.

  6. KKC

    Woah relax mate, clearly your frustrated because this girl won’t give you the time of day. In fact I seriously doubt any attractive woman would give you a moments glance. So I’m going to do you a favour, I’ve passes this thread onto a colleague of mine. He works for Interpol and specialises in identifying internet predators such as yourself.
    This is the best part he really hates people such as yourself, in fact he’s always criticised for his really harsh interrogation methods. This was 48hrs ago so chances his tech team have traced you, got your ISP address, Facebook, email, home address all nicely monitored so from now on I would watch your f**cking mouth your disrespectful piece of sh*t.

    Right well that sorts out that little (by that I’m also referring to x’s lack of penis length and girth) problem child.
    The image is authentic, the breast don’t cast a shadow due to the angle of the light source. I would guess that she was targeted either during the recent apple cloud hack or like someone mentioned she sent a picture post op to a friend, who should have deleted. Or better yet she doesn’t take such an image. Poor girl I do feel bad for her but lesson hopefully leant by her and a lot of people.


  7. G

    Its stupid how people are all like “how can you say this” or “how can you do that” or “she’s not a slut stop calling her that cuz I have respect for women” well obviously you don’t. You’re on a website called The Fappening and you’re preaching to other kids on the internet isn’t going to make girls like you. It’ll just make you look like a douche. Plus who cares if her tits are fake or not. I follow this girl on insta and as a developing 19 year old girl, I say we’re all a Lille fucked up.

  8. d

    Just saying including myself all of you are hitching and complaining about how it’s wrong fake or cruel that this photo is here but yet all of you had to search for it on the Internet just like I did so how about you all shut up and just look at the tits then move on

  9. triple h

    who cares if her tits are fake….she’s gorgeous! i hope she do porn so tat i can download it for free via torrent….

  10. Andreas

    who gives a shit if she has fake tits or not, it isn’t anyone’s business why she did it……what’s she supposed to do write every fucking one if it’s ok to get her boobs done…..and do you really th8nk she gives a fuck what anyone thinks…..hell we’re all nobodies here staring and commenting at her racy pics……pull your panties up and get a fucking life….

  11. Hamid Hiraad

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