Angelina Jolie Sexy (26 Photos)

Busty Angelina Jolie attends The Breadwinner premiere in Los Angeles, 10/20/2017. Angelina Jolie is an American actress (Original Sin (2001)). Age – 42 years old.


20 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Sexy (26 Photos)

  1. peter dobson

    She looks like a skeleton. Look at her arms.
    Nothing sexy at all anymore. Fake boobs and if she would have been informed she did not have to remove her breasts with a new technology from my country: The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curing breastcancer without removing breasts at the Medical Cancer Centre in Leiden.

  2. Ben

    Given her natural body type and face structure, she was always going to have a hard time aging, but her weight loss is what really makes her look so rough. If she were to put on a solid 30-40 pounds then she’d look a lot better.

  3. wawawee

    I never really saw this chick as hot. Even when everyone was going “hottest girl in the world” then she slowly started to grow on me during her Tomb Raider years. But now im thinking why and how was she ever considered one of the hottest actresses of all time.. She looks like skeletor with flesh….and a heroin habit.

  4. Harry Boughner

    MAN ALERT!!! Angelina Jolie is and always has been a MAN!
    Look at the giant tranny skull. Also the sunken eyes and large eyebrow ridge do not belong on a female. “She” has a square jaw which USUALLY belongs on a man. The VERY long arms are also a sign of being a man. “She” also has very large man-hands. “Her” feet also look like they belong on a tranny because they are too big and vieny to be women’s feet.
    If a REAL woman displayed ONE, TWO, maybe even THREE of those MALE characteristics…NO PROBLEM! But, it’s when a “woman” starts displaying FOUR, FIVE, SIX or MORE characteristics that it becomes a problem. She has at least a 98% chance of being a MALE!

  5. Marc-Oooh

    You know when a celebrity is old when – instead of jerking off to the pictures – you think about your mother and that you should call her again, soon.

  6. Spankmaster

    In that last photo, she wore a green dress, but in all the others she wore white. WTF happened there? Did she change her dress or did cgi take over? I’m making a trifling point, but it seems like she went from looking like belonging to a convent to looking like an Xmas decoration. Still looks fuckable, though, even with her looking like she now takes holy orders…


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