Andie Adams – Solo Show – Snapchat (2018)

Watch the private show of Andie Adams from Snapchat, 02/05/2018. Andie Adams is an American model. Age – 21.


9 thoughts on “Andie Adams – Solo Show – Snapchat (2018)

    1. 360p quality vid

      that’s a skinny ass dildo. What’s with the shit quality? Are all snap chat vids this shitty when they stream? If so I don’t know how that’s a billion dollar company with camera technology from 2005. Wouldn’t watch a porn vid that’s SD. Which that’s not even sd, that’s like early vhs

  1. Jeffrey Dugas

    I got 8 inches need sucked WTF a rubber toy? I wint talk just cum all over your face and titties dirty little whore

  2. Ahahaha

    Are all Snapchat vids this horrible quality? An idiots pay these whores “monthly subscriptions” for 360p definition vids… lol dumb fucks


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