Allie (TNA) Leaked (4 Photos)

Check it out new private selfie photos of Allie. Laura Dennis aka Allie aka Cherry Bomb is a Canadian professional wrestler. Age: 29.


Thanks to Shane for the info!

7 thoughts on “Allie (TNA) Leaked (4 Photos)

  1. Homerspimpson

    I dont get it. Two perfectly clear nn shots and the nude looks like it was taken by a potato. Oh well i’ve been dying for these anyway

  2. PR&P

    the top picture that shows her face has one sink and the 2 non face pics are a completely different bathroom sink…..not even her i bet in those pics

    1. Smarter than you

      As a wrestler, she is probably on the road alot, so it’s more plausible that she took them in different hotel rooms.


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