30 thoughts on “Alison Brie Naked

    1. sdff

      Brie and Franco have been dating since 2012, this was in the original Fappening leak, and it looks a lot like both of them. It more than likely isn’t a random coincidence.

  1. factoid

    Alison Brie went to a nudist university, she’s said so herself and she mentioned that there might be some of her pics out there. If you don’t already know, the guy next to her is also a kind of celeb he is dave franco.

  2. Colecash

    Looking at some of the photoshoots she done, it totally looks like her. I’m really surprised she is fully shaved clean, I would have expected a landing strip.

  3. My Correct Opinion

    This is her, and her Mad Men co-star Ben Feldman. Even her hair is identical to the cut on the TV show at the time. And compare her shoulders to some stills, it’s her for sure.

  4. TheDMan

    Guys. I literally know these people :L it’s not Alison Brie. Loads of her friends have been replying to these posts for years now saying it’s not her, these were leaked without her consent a long time ago.

  5. TheFox

    that’s not her. that’s someone by the name of Em Jay from King’s Lynn, England. she’s a bitch and only has one arm. Fucking great tits though.

  6. Spankmaster

    Who gives a fuck who it is? Just accept its some horny, filthy looking bitch happy to show off her naked body, while standing next to some fugly dick who sadly is none of us. Just have a fap and get over it…

  7. Mark

    This is Em Jay from Cornwall! These leaked years ago. The girl would fuck anyone. She is hiding her missing arm in this photo.


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