Alexis Dziena Naked (6 Photos)

Nude photos of Alexis Dziena. Nice ass! Alexis Dziena is an American actress, known for “Broken Flowers” (2005). Age 30.

Alexis Dziena Naked 01

Alexis Dziena Naked 02

Alexis Dziena Naked 03

Alexis Dziena Naked 04

Alexis Dziena Naked 05

Alexis Dziena Naked 06

9 thoughts on “Alexis Dziena Naked (6 Photos)

    1. huck fin

      If she has a pussy that technically defines her as a “woman”. And not all men are into fat lards, or “curvaceous” women as you call them.

    2. JustAnotherUserName

      The “real woman” comment is kind of silly, so I’ll leave that alone. But I don’t know how you can say she has no ass. She’s got a nice curvy little ass, not flat in the slightest. She’s just thin from side to side and doesn’t have much in the way of hips. Personally, I think she’s hot.


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