Alexandra Daddario Sexy (65 Photos + Videos)

Busty Alexandra Daddario wears a beautiful summer dress when she appears on the ‘Lorraine’ TV show in London, 06/01/2017. Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress (Baked in Brooklyn, True Detective (TV)). Age – 31.


17 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario Sexy (65 Photos + Videos)

    1. Turlough

      I thought it was pretty widely assumed that she was all natural? I know it’s an amazing concept, but sometimes young women just have big tits.

      1. smh

        It is, there isn’t any question about them being real. He’s just baiting, it’s the kind of statement that is so stupid, people are bound to respond.

    2. Zippo

      …trying to get enhanced…then re enhanced…then re re enhanced…could make it to 1 inch by then…

    1. Shoot all zippos and sympathizers on site

      Exactly. If only we could keep the attention whoring comments to a minimum from you, Pboi, and zippo aka the pud posse. Can’t you guys just stick to your basement Bukake sessions so we don’t have to endure your constant drama queen bullshit ?

  1. sure

    If you saw true detective you know she has saggy tits.
    Crazy eyes and weird body proportion. Still kinda hot but not that hot.


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