Alexandra Daddario Goes Braless (48 Photos + Gifs)

A brunette bombshell! Baywatch actress Alexandra Daddario attends the Dior launch bash at Poppy nightclub in West Hollywood, 03/14/2018. The stunning Alex wears a sheer gown revealing her tits. Hopefully, we’ll see her with no makeup and naked.


20 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario Goes Braless (48 Photos + Gifs)

  1. Turlough

    Having seen ‘that scene’ from series one of True Detective, I know how unbelievably fit Alexandra Daddario is; but I do think she’s got a weirdly unattractive smile for such a beautiful woman.

    Having said that, I’d still knock the back out of her if she let me…not that she would, of course.

  2. Taj

    Those are one scary pair of eyes. Id hate to wake up in the middle of the night with such a pair staring at my bedside. Id crap my pants.

  3. smaller

    She’s 31 and unmarried and now she’s desperate. Can’t believe no celeb guy has scooped her up I would if I had a chance

  4. VR

    She looked better a few years ago around when San Andreas was filmed. She lost too much weight. She also doesn’t need all that make up.

  5. Gadget

    Gorgeous in moving pictures, looks loonier than a whole mental ward in photos. The first 5 pictures could easily havd these captions:

    ”Look, I superglued 50 puppies together. Aren’t they cute? SAY THE CLUSTERPUPPY IS CUTE FUCKFACE.”
    ”What if my spleen is full of glitter and fish jam? What if it’s blue? Anyone have a scalpel?”
    ”I once made a necklace from my teeth. It was delicious. They weren’t mine though.”
    ”The best ice cream is mustard. The best parachute is mustard.”
    ”I’m peeing right now from someone else’s peehole. I’m thirsty. I want a banjo.”


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