Adrianne Palicki Topless (8 Photos)

Topless photos of Adrianne Palicki from FHM. Sexy body 🙂 Adrianne Palicki is an American actress, known for “Friday Night Lights” (TV), “Supernatural” (TV) and “Criminal Minds” (TV). Age 31.


12 thoughts on “Adrianne Palicki Topless (8 Photos)

  1. Dillon Kennedy

    She outstanding in all aspects, why did she have to enhance her breasts? Now she only a solid 9.750/10 except for her heavenly perfection of a 10 without them enhancements.

    1. Flask Ackwards

      Dude, I’m really liking that show and I’m a tough critic (can’t stand Flash/Arrow – too corny). Mostly into well-written dramas and smart comedies. The Orvell mixes a little of both. Each episode is unique and usually makes a social commentary in a smart way.

      It’s not a great show by any means, but it knows what it is and uses that as a major strength – doesn’t deserve a 21% on RT at all.

      I can’t believe she slept with a blue dude that shoots blue goo – but to each their own. MAybe he was in heat the first time too.

  2. Observer Prime

    Why in gods name doesn’t she get that distracting and ugly mole removed between her eyebrows. She’s a gorgeous woman (fake tits obviously), but that mole is a big distraction.


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